Colable Electronics Co., Ltd.

Colable Electronics Co., Ltd. Colable Electronics Co., Ltd. Colable Electronics Co., Ltd. Colable Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Colable
No. of Employees: 100~300
Annual Sales: 3000000-6000000
Year Established: 2009
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
About Us

Colable Electronics Co., Ltd

As the outstanding supplier of Digital broadcasting and TV system, Colable electronics is expert in transforming television system from analogue to digital, or building new digital system with most effective way. What we can offer is complete solution of DVB-C/S/T & ISDB-Tb or ATSC from headend to user end with the way of cable, MMDS, MUDS and IP. And our projects relate to different areas, such as city or village coverage, hotel, hospital, university, casino etc.

Colable develops well all the time because it owns one excellent technology and sales team. And the most important point is colable can always provide the most suitable solution to clients from traditional to advanced. Calable's products include: Encrypted or FTA satellite receiver (IRD), MPEG2/4 /H.264 encoder with ASI & IP output (SD and HD), TS multiplexer, scrambler, QAM/QPSK/COFDM/ISDB/ATSC modulator, IP QAM with scrambler (each model support 8 or 16 channels, max 3models for 1U chassis) CAS&SMS, EPG, SD/HD DVB-C/S/T STB, ISDB /ATSC STB, IPTV STB, MMDS /MUDS transmitter and antenna. We also integrate NVOD, PPV and CATV equipments: optical transmitter, receiver, amplifier, tap, splitter, fiber, cable etc to the clients who require.

Colable's perfect products and service win good commend at home and abroad, we will redouble our efforts to meet next brilliance.





Colable Electronics Co., Ltd

Since the company's inception, our customers have spread all over the world. To provide customers with system solutions and the most suitable equipment, we are constantly updating and providing all kinds of latest equipment to meet the needs of our customers. From cable TV broadcasting to the current IPTV system, we are constantly developing and winning and winning the market.




Colable Electronics Co., Ltd

Products Qulity: Most of our products get CE approved:set top box have report from State Administration for Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine.

Technical Support: Our R&D department is composed br the most experienced engineer with young university graduate,bring new energy continuously. Customers will be informed at first

time as long as our software upgrade or new management software version come out .

Shipment Speed: All packages of orders will be shipped 2-5 days sfter customer deposit.Usually we use the speediest DHL/UPS/Fedex for small order delivery,and we have long term cooperated carriers for common air & sea delivery with cheap price and high speed.

Guarantee: All products will have life-long skill support ,head ends for free repair within 3 years.




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Our Team

Colable Electronics Co., Ltd


Colable team is great, everyone is united, work hard, every step work well, ensure the continuous and effective work.
The R&D department realizes technological innovation and technological reform, continuously improves product quality, designs products with various needs for customers, and ensures diversification of products.
Our sales team is professionally trained to develop the right solutions and products according to the needs of our customers, helping our customers to understand our products faster.
The after-sales team solves various problems for customers in the fastest time, training customers, and remote assistance.



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